USP-Piper 2017 'Intro to Creative Writing'

Date: 15 May 2017
Time: 07:00PM - 09:00PM
Venue: USP Learn Lobe Seminar Room 2

USP-PIPER 2017: Introduction to Creative Writing

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Fee: NUS students @ $15, Alumni @ $100 [payment details will be emailed to successful applicants]

In this introductory creative writing course, we willimmerse ourselves in the art of the short story. We will discuss the differentelements involved in writing within this genre—plot, characterization, point ofview, setting, theme, style, as well as more abstract notions: what is a writerand why does he or she write? What is the moral responsibility of art? Who arewe in relation to the spaces we inhabit? We will read the works of writers fromall over the world and use these works as a foundation to cultivate our ownliterary visions. We will study the texts for lessons in technique and craft,investigating the decisions that we (as writers and readers of literature) mustmake to develop a finished piece.


This course is an invitation to inquire deep withinyourself and to own your identity as a writer in your world. Our hope is thateach one of you, through the reading, writing, and sharing of one another’swork, will begin to experience this world as yours. What is unique aboutthis course is that through the selection of literature we will also have theopportunity to look beyond the mechanics of creative writing in order toexamine the ongoing legacies of economic and free trade policies, such as NAFTAand IMS, the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle, and their effects onmigrant, immigrant, and local marginalized populations.

Lessons will be conducted every Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays as follows:


Mondays (7pm to 9pm) – 15 May, 22May, 29 May5June

Thursdays (7pm to 9pm) – 18 May, 25May, 1 June8June

Saturdays (9am to 11am) – 20May, 27 May, 3 June, 10 June

Reading: 15 June (Thursday) 7pm - 9pm

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Ang Lee Koon

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