About the
University Scholars Club

The University Scholars Club (USC) is a community of students enrolled in the National University of Singapore (NUS) University Scholars Programme (USP), which is a multidisciplinary, partially residential academic programme for NUS undergraduates.

Members of the USC come from a wide array of majors spanning 7 faculties, ranging from computer science, to business, to philosophy. Possessing diverse interests and passions, members of the USC are marked by their intellectual curiosity, and are enthusiastic about learning and thinking critically, much of which stems from their daily interactions with peers and faculty.

They seek to emerge from NUS as graduates with the intellectual rigour, initiative, and innovative spirit to make significant contributions to society.

Our Mission
To facilitate the creation of a cohesive community of leaders and thinkers through stronger student, faculty and alumni engagement.

Our Vision

  1. To Promote Informal Learning
  2. To Bridge the Students, Faculty & Alumni
  3. To encourage and facilitate ground up initiatives

For a copy of the USC Constitution, click here.

17th Management Committee

THAM Jun Han


WOO Qiyun

(Community Life)

TEE Shu Yun

Honorary General Secretary
Jeremy JEE De Sheng

Honorary Financial Secretary
Melissa TANG Shou Hui

Freshmen Orientation


USC Committees

Public Relations Committee

Headed by Tham Jun Han, President

Communications Secretary
Royston Chua

Communications Team
Koh Kai Qian, Nur Ridhuan

Alumni Relations Officers
Shien Hian Lim & Marcus Ng

Community Life Committee

Headed by Tee Shu Yun, Vice-President (Community Life)

Deputy Directors (Community Life)
Tan Yan Tyng & Joyce Foo

Sports Director
Jeremy Png

IG Coordinators
Edward Goh (Sports) & Andrea Tan (Non-Sports)

GUI Coordinators
Kathy Tan (Social, Cultural & Sports),
Jazreel Low (Social, Cultural & Sports),
Loh Xiang Bin (Welfare & Acad) & Teoh Xin Yi (Community Service)

Student Welfare Committee

Headed by Woo Qiyun, Vice-President (Welfare)

Director (Welfare Projects)
Wan Nur Syafiqa B Syed Yusoff

Deputy Directors (Welfare Projects)
Charmaine Lee & Sanchita Sachdev

Welfare Projects Team
Ong Ci Wen, Jaymee Mariano Justiniano, Melanie Chng,
Wee Su-Ann, Jasmie Liew, Kagen Lim,
Jade Ng & Lee Chun Min

Academic Director
Atharv Joshi

Academic Team
Melvin Soh, Deter Thng,
Devesh Narayanan & Loh Xiang Bin

Directors (Residential Welfare)
Wang Chiew Hui (Spaces) & Pang Chee Him (Dining Hall)

Residential Welfare Team
Seah Wan Yu & Philina Lai

House Captains
Gerald Seet (Ursaia), Kelvin Neo (Nocturna), Engracia Loh (Ianthe),
Myat Thu Kyaw (Triton), Ng Jingrong (Ankaa), Arnold Teo (Saren)

Coordinating Director (Interhouse Events)
Tan Kit Yung

Secretariat Committee

Headed by Jeremy Jee, Honorary General Secretary

Spaces Design Team
Matthew Lee (Lead), Chia Yu Xuan (Lead),
Chu Khoon Hwa & Andrea Tan

Visual Design Team
Carina Lim (Lead),
Vandhana Jeyaram, Dong Yunfan, & Andrea Tan

Operations Manager
Gwyneth Cheng

Technology Development Team
Yuan Yuchuan (Lead),
Varun Patro, Ahan Gupta, Sean Ng,
Low Yew Woei & Chik Cheng Yao

Finance Committee

Headed by Melissa Tang, Honorary Financial Secretary

Deputy Honorary Financial Secretary
Maria Teresa Boey

Business Development Executives
Low Yew Woei (External) & Rachel Thomas (Internal)

Marketing Executives
Ng Shi Kai & Michelle Quek

Financial Attaches
Quek Siying (Secretariat & Public Relations),
Pang Chee Him (Welfare) & Andrea Chou Lim (Community Life)

Freshmen Orientation Committee

Headed by Zhang Quyi, Freshmen Orientation Director

Deputy Director
Annina Zhang

Jazreel Low (Finance), Joyce Yeo (Creative),
Merilynn Seng (Public Relations) & Jesmine Woon (Operations)

Project Directors
Beatrice Low (Camp), Jenn (O’Week), Kathy Tan (Events),
Jadyn Teo (Batch Project) & Teoh Xinyi (Community Engagement)

House Committees


House Captain
Gerald Seet

Vice House Captain
Pratyay Jaidev

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Taira Robles

Vice Orientation Group Leader
Samantha Rin


House Captain
Kelvin Neo

Vice House Captain
Oh Pei Shan

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Gordon Chua

Vice Orientation Group Leader
Lee Weiqi


House Captain
Engracia Loh Qian Ying

Vice House Captain
Chik Cheng Yao

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Clara Lim Pei Ying

Vice Orientation Group Leader
Yap Joon Kiat Mitchell


House Captain
Myat Thu Kyaw

Vice House Captain
Lee Chun Min

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Chng Hui Ru Melanie

Vice Chief Orientation Group Leader
Nikita Gupta


House Captain
Ng Jingrong

Vice House Captain
Nadine Quah

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Mohd Asyraf Zaidi

Vice Chief Orientation Group Leader
Kew Yu Jing


House Captain
Teo Kun Ho Arnold

Vice House Captain
Teo Xi Hui

Chief Orientation Group Leader
Jasmine Liew Yee Theng

Vice Chief Orientation Group Leader
Cheung Wai Him Samantha

Interest Groups


Managed by Leong Jun Ren Bryan

(f)USball is the IG for all foosball lovers! Foosball is a fancy name for table soccer which frankly came about quite randomly. We learn from each other, from youtube and from accidental goals. Game sessions are mostly spur of the moment or coincidental, lasting from 10 minutes to hours, although Tuesday nights are fairly regular foosball nights. Cynics scoff at the idea of foosball being a sport, but come on down and see for yourself!

Dance Interest Group

Managed by Li Xiaoyu

Dance Interest Group or DIG in short, was established in 2012 and provides a platform for USP students to enjoy dance sessions from a wide array of genres made available. DIG provides an open platform for anyone interested in dancing and learning new dance styles to join us, without the need to commit to any formal attendance. DIG will engage from its pool of student choreographers and instructors to conduct dance sessions from a specific dance genre selected for that week. DIG’s inaugural performance was at the 2013 USP FOP Camp Finale, a lyrical hip hop piece.

Gender Collective is an interest group that seeks to draw together people of all genders and sexual identities, for discussion in a safe space. We aim to generate discussion about gender and sexuality and how they intersect with other modes of living, learning and being in NUS, Singapore, and the world. We also hope to organise events that allow our members to feel a sense of community and support, including casual dinners, sharing sessions, trips to drag shows and more!

Heroes of the RC

Managed by Tan Wee Jing James

An interest group for people interested in eSports (especially the game Heroes of the Storm) and video games in general.

International Chess

Managed by Leon Lim Jin Siang

A gathering of people enthusiastic about playing international chess, both for leisure and for competing in IFG and ICG!


Managed by Leong Jun Ren Bryan

For anyone who likes music or likes playing music- and who doesn’t? Meet other musicians, develop and experiment with your musicality, and showcase your skills at USP events and internal concerts. Even if you don't have any musical background, you can (and should) still join us to hang out, talk music, share ideas and have fun. We also offer basic lessons to get you started if you're interested!


Managed by Rachel Fam Rui Shan

Breathe...... Are you here in this present moment while reading this description? Mindfulness is a practice, habit and lifestyle that we have lost or emphasised little in the state of busyness. As a result, we have become caught up, overwhelmed and stressed by our perceptions of life. Take a deep breath and experience more ways to be present with us

More Than Just Badminton

Managed by Loh Jun Yu

‘More than just badminton’ brings together students of USP who enjoy the game of badminton. The IG contributes players to form a team to represent USP in both IFG and ICG. It is the IG for those who are passionate in picking up a new sport, or are interested in representing USP during the games. Besides playing badminton, we also meet up for other activities (e.g. lunch cookouts, cafe hunting, studying, taking part in other USP activities) as a social group.


Managed by Wu Xueting

portusprotego is USP’s very own individual chapter of the international organisation, the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), well-known for major accomplishments like the annual Accio Books Campaign, equality campaigns, and projects reaching to Darfur and Haiti. We promote fair trade, media reform, literacy, environmental concerns, and equality among race, social class, gender, etc. creatively and collaboratively, inspired by parallels from stories like Harry Potter. And yes, the HPA is supported by awesome people like Evanna Lynch, Tom Felton, Hank and John Green, and JK Rowling herself!

Tabletop Gaming

Managed by Teo Jia Ming Nickolas

USP Tabletop Gaming is an extremely new IG, with a very simple goal of allowing USP students to play tabletop games on a regular basis. Whether you are interested in epic games of fantasy adventure, strategic games about farming in the 1700s, or tense standoffs during the Cold War, USP Tabletop Gaming welcomes you to join and find someone to play with! Even if you have no idea what any of these games are, we welcome you to dip your toes into the more obscure world of tabletop gaming.

The Sessions

Managed by Goh Wei Leong

“What distinguishes the USP academic community from other NUS groups? After all, it seems that our Masters’ Tea is no different from the numerous talks held over NUS and our events are just as random as the others. To me, it is the small everyday conversations, the informal discussions that take place during dinnertime chats, over Facebook groups, and along classroom corridors that make us unique.”

Touch Rugby

Managed by Zheng Xiaowen

We want to spread the love for touch rugby through weekly sessions and welcome people with totally no experience (in any sport) to join us!

USC Basketball (Male Team)

Managed by Du Haowei

Looking for fellow Basketball kaki's? (Kaki. Original Meaning: Leg (Malay); Alternate Meaning: Buddy.) Itching for a game to channel your inner Jordan? Or just looking for something new to try? Whatever it is, as long as you have some interest in Basketball, join us at USC Basketball Interest Group!

USC Dodgeball

Managed by Ng Xu Jie

A game of reflexes. Hit your opponent! Don't get hit!

USC Reversi

Managed by Leong Jun Ren Bryan

Reversi is terribly fun game – and we love to play it. Our group is made up of a fun-loving bunch of people who really do just enjoy playing Reversi and relish the intellectual challenge it provides. Do join us if you have even just a trifling interest in Reversi, and do not be intimidated if you have never played Reversi before – we’re all just learning how to play anyway!

USC Road Relay

Managed by Khaw Yew Onn

A group of people who run leisurely and competitively for both IFG and ICG.

USC Soccer (Men)

Managed by Lim Zeng Hou

Train with a skillful team of dedicated players and represent USP for the annual IFG and ICG.

USCaptain’s Ball

Managed by Ankit Gupta

The University Scholars Club’s very own Captain’s Ball interest group is where members of the USCommunity gather to play the sport that defined our childhood. A curious mix of fast-paced action, athletic feats, nostalgic reminiscence, and occasional postmodernism, USCaptain’s Ball is for everybody! It transcends the boundaries between the usual team sports, and camaraderie inevitably emerges from crazy nights of fun and fitness!


Managed by Zheng Xiaowen

At USClimbing, we believe that anyone and everyone can climb. We aim to allow our peers and seniors to experience climbing as a sport that combines the gracefulness of a ballerina, the mind of a chess player, and the physique of an athlete. Far from an individual sport, teamwork is required to solve problems and to keep you going when you mind tells you to give up. What better way to have fun and simultaneously overcome your fear of heights/do pull-ups/get stronger mentally and physically? Remember, at USClimbing, we'd rather be up there. :-)


Managed by Feng Ye

We are a group of cooks who love exploring new tastes and recipes. We cook on a weekly basis and enjoy each other’s company. Our activities are housed within the Master’s Kitchen and Commons. We encourage all with a knack for cooking and good company to join us.


Managed by Kelly Tan

USCover aims to understand pop culture in the 21st century and create art by performing our own original covers of what we see in the media. USCover creates entertainment which stimulates creativity in the USP community and helps to develop one's self identity.


Managed by Chu Khoon Hwa

The only Interest Group in USP that teaches you how to spoil market during “Buaya & Buayi” and at the same time save money by doing your own crafts. USCrafts is started by a group of enthusiasts who believe in the beauty of self-made craftwork in this commercialized and homogenized world and the therapeutic benefits it brings to the soul. We do crafts such as: origami, kirigami, Chinese paper cutting, knitting, carving …… (the list goes on… and it is decided by you J)


Managed by Pradeep Janakiraman

A gathering of people with interest in playing FIFA on console and watching the Barclays Premier League or soccer in general

USP Fight Club

Managed by Ankit Gupta

USC Fight Club is a casual platform for students to pick up fundamental skills of various contact sports (Boxing and Muay Thai) through a peer learning process. Members can look forward to exciting punching bag drills, intensive mitt practice, and regular sparring sessions. Any student, regardless of his/her experience level, can join the Fight Club. Just don’t talk about it.

USP Floorball

Managed by How Kwang Ming

The USP Floorball Interest Group is for anyone in USP who is looking for a place to have fun, pick up a new sport, make new friends, unwind and have a great work out ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! Floorball is really easy to pick up and once you pick up a stick, you never want to put it down!

USP Productions

Managed by Er Yuan Zhi

Active since 2006, USP Productions is a youth-led theatre group formed by passionate individuals from the NUS University Scholars Programme. Focused on producing quality original work, USP Productions is the brainchild of student production teams, writers, designers and actors who have unified for a common cause: to create shows each year that reflect the hearts of youths in Singapore. Above all, we aim to stage plays that are meaningful and entertaining, reaching out to audiences both within campus and beyond.

USP Tennis

Managed by Yan Cheng Han Hubert

This is an interest group bringing together students from USP who would like to take part in recreational tennis while staying in college, and are looking for a community to find hitting partners, learn and enjoy the sport. This group will welcome individuals with all abilities, from interested newcomers to experienced school-team players.

USP Ultimate

Managed by Aw Wen Hao

USP Ultimate is an interest group dedicated to promoting the sport of Ultimate Frisbee in USP! We hope to be a platform to introduce newcomers to the basics of Ultimate, as well as form a competent and competitive core team.


Managed by Eka Widianto Thamrin

USPatissiere is a group of students interested in learning how to make various kind of desserts from both local and foreign origins. Not only would we have lessons on how to make various desserts for the USP community, we would share our creations with you guys as well. (Yes, it includes eclairs.)


Managed by Lim Ying Jun

USPella is UTown's first and USP's only a cappella group. It doesn't matter if you're a Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano, or even a Beatboxer -we always welcome passionate individuals who wish to lend their voice to our vibrant community of like-minded singers.


Managed by Gwyneth Cheng Jia Yi

USPike is a volleyball team that holds trainings in conjunction with other colleges in UTown. Join us to have fun, learn a vital life skill and make new friends from CAPT, Tembusu and YaleNUS!


Managed by Venetia Wong Wee Teng

Established after IFG in 2012, USPin is a platform for table tennis enthusiasts to develop their skills while having loads of fun! From a small group of 5 founders, USPin has grown into a larger group of determined table tennis players who strive to reach greater heights in major competitions and to introduce table tennis to anyone interested to learn a new sport.


Managed by Sarah Suah Su-min

USPolygot is an interest group all about foreign language learning! In this interest group, members act the dual roles of both a student and a teacher, where they can choose to learn a new language, hone their language skills and/or teach their native language! The only prerequisite for this interest group is your passion and enthusiast for languages. All language and level of ability are welcome! So don't think anymore and join now.


Managed by Ng Juan Yong

Tchoukball (yes, it’s not misspelled) is one of the latest sport shipped to Singapore's shore, with NUS recently picking up on it as well in the form of the first ever held Tchoukball IFG. Interested in trying out this new and fast-paced sport? Then do come on down and join us for a (Tchouk) ball of a time!

We love Bridge Club

Managed by Pang Kah Sheng Jeremy

Bridge is terribly fun game – and we love to play it. Our group is made up of a fun-loving bunch of people who really do just enjoy playing bridge and relish the intellectual challenge it provides. Do join us if you have even just a trifling interest in Bridge, and do not be intimidated if you have never played Bridge before – we’re all just learning how to play anyway!


Managed by Matthias Ang Jing En

Wordsplay is interested in the art of spoken word poetry; not just in its written form, but as a performance as well, for poetry that is performed has a much more pronounced effect on the audience, as opposed to a poem that is simply read as the aural aspect is what allows a poem to completely immense a reader in its world. What we therefore aim to do is to create a safe space for students who love to write, read or perform to come and express themselves and showcase their work. They do not need to be an accomplished poet (none of us in this group are). If they have something to share and believe in the power of language, we want to hear it. It is a place where everyone who shares their work can receive constructive criticism and complements for their own growth.